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Venezuela Keeps Spot on Human Rights Council as UN Urges Nations to Take Its Refugees

As the United Nations urges nearby countries to take more responsibility for refugees from the famine-stricken socialist experiment in Venezuela, it is failing to put any significant pressure on President Nicolás Maduro’s government for its appalling human rights record – made worse by Venezuela’s continued presence on the U.N.’s Human Rights Council.

Venezuelan refugees

UN Chief: Politicians Ignoring the ‘Losers of Globalization’

Axel Bugge of Reuters reports that Antonio Guterres, the new United Nations Secretary General, “warned on Tuesday that rich countries were ignoring the ‘losers of globalization’ by turning to nationalist agendas, as in the U.S. election and Brexit referendum.” He also “linked the growing resistance to accepting refugees to wider concerns about globalization.”


UN, West, Accused of Ignoring Plight of Syria’s Christians

The United Nations and Western nations including Britain have been accused of abandoning Syria’s Christians in the face of widespread persecution by Islamic State and their Muslim countrymen – even within refugee camps.