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Standpoint: Migrant Crisis? Europe Hasn’t Seen Anything Yet

From Douglas Murray writing in Standpoint Magazine: What is now being called Europe’s “migrant crisis” is far more than that. It is in fact a crisis of European thought and of political leadership. At the heart of this crisis are the irreconcilable

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Housing Boss Pleads: ‘We Need A Dead Baby On The Beach’ Moment

The head of a housing association has called for a graphic “dead baby on the beach” opportunity to persuade a doubting public to accept social housing tenants as neighbours. Kate Davies, the £200,000-a-year CEO of Notting Hill Housing, said the deaths of “some

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Charlie Hebdo Publishes Provocative Cartoons of Dead Syrian Toddler

French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo has published a controversial set of cartoons about Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi, whose death generated international outrage when photos of the boy’s deceased body surfaced online, The Independent reports.


Canada’s Left Pressures Conservatives to Take In More Migrants

Following the viral spread of images depicting the bodies of drowned Syrians on a Turkish beach–including a three-year-old boy named Alan Kurdi–the Canadian left has sprung to attention to decry what they describe as the Conservative government’s inaction towards assisting migrants and war refugees.

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