Monterey: Cleanest Air in the U.S.; L.A: Worst

In its newly-released “State of the Air” 2016 report, the American Lung Association has determined that Monterey County has the best air quality in the United States while Los Angeles and Bakersfield were deemed to have the worst air in the nation.

Los Angeles Smog (Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty)

Man Arrested on Explosives Charges in Rural CA

A Johannesburg, California man who allegedly made threats against local and federal law enforcement agencies on social media was arrested Saturday after authorities found a cache of explosives at his home.Todd Sloan, 51, was arrested without incident at a gas station

Nuclear explosion (AFP / Getty)

More Construction Woes for High-Speed Rail

The California High-Speed Rail Authority is battling new obstacles in its quest to build the track for the bullet train, including the removal of eight miles of track originally planned to end near Bakersfield, and strong opposition from San Fernando communities determined to prevent the train from traveling above ground in or near their communities.

Jerry Brown (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

CA Couple Congratulated by Global Celebrities on 70th Anniversary

Thanks to their granddaughter, Belinda Bannister, Richard and Mary Arambula’s 70th wedding anniversary in Bakersfield was celebrated by roughly 150 celebrities, presidents and even the Pope.Bannister, who lives in Germany, decided to contact the star-studded group after her grandmother received


UFO Over Bakersfield

Kelly Castruita from Bakersfield headed out to take her recycling to the trash bin when she witnessed a UFO bobbing in the heavens, “I thought, that’s kinda bright to be a star, I’ve never seen a blue star be that bright.”

  Kelly Castruita from Bakersfield headed out to take her …