Chinese Scientist Plans to Clone a Million Cows per Year

A Chinese company called Boyalife Genomics is planning to open a factory the size of three football fields in Tianjin this year, and what they’ll be manufacturing is… cows. Clone cows. 100,000 of them per year to start, but company founder Xiao-Chun Xu dreams of cranking that production level up to a million per year.

AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

Would Going Vegetarian Help Curb the Drought?

It’s only getting worse. As a fifth year of crippling droughts dries California up, leaders at local and state levels have been seeking a host of ways to combat the absence of water, the most basic necessity. While desalinization and using recycled waste water are drawing more interest, liberal media outlets have suggested that going vegetarian could be a viable, long-term option.

AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki