Bill Kristol: ‘I Felt Sick Reading the President’s Statement’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” during a heated panel discussion, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, a self-described member of the “Never Trump” movement, said he felt “sick” after reading President Donald Trump’s reaction to the violence in Charlottesville,


Bill Kristol: Never Trumpers Should ‘Rebrand’ as ‘Liberals’

Bill Kristol, the Never Trumper and top H.R. McMaster defender and ally who is reportedly working behind the scenes to primary or oust President Donald Trump, wants Never Trumpers to rebrand themselves as “liberals.”Kristol’s “conservatives” are mostly the Never Trumpers


Bill Kristol: Trump Is a ‘Jackass’

Thursday on CNN’s “OutFront,” while discussing President Donald Trump’s Monday night speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, political commentator Bill Kristol called Trump “a jackass.” Kristol said, “I remember a good address from a president that didn’t serve out his


Kristol: Dems Can Take Down a Couple of Trump’s Nominees

Monday on CNN’s “The Lead,” Weekly Standard founding editor Bill Kristol said Senate Democrats will likely be able to “take down” a couple of President-elect Donald Trump’s nominees because Trump has not vetted them. Partial transcript as follows: KRISTOL:  I