Brighton and Hove

Bomb Scare Disrupts Gay Pride – Army Detonates ‘Suspect Package’

A major annual gay pride event attracting 160,000 to Brighton on England’s Sussex coast had to be rerouted yesterday after the discovery of a “suspect package”. The start of the 25th annual Brighton and Hove Pride march was delayed as organisers and police worked to agree a

Gay Pride

Green Party Turfed Out of Brighton and Hove

The Green Party has been flushed out of power in Brighton and Hove, losing more than half its seats on the south coast council. Labour now have the largest group on the council with 23 seats, but are five short


Conservatives Set To Lose Brighton Seat Over Gay Marriage

The Conservatives look set to lose Brighton Kemptown, long considered the heart of the British gay community, over their support for same-sex marriage. A senior activist in Kemptown told Breitbart London that whilst the policy had angered many traditionalists in

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