Cameron County

5 Texas Border Sheriffs Who Were Linked to Mexican Cartels

The ties between elected officials and the Mexican transnational criminal organizations we call “cartels” do not stop at the U.S.-Mexico border. In many instances, such corruption manifested on the north side of the line. We detail below five such instances where Texas border sheriffs were indicted and sentenced to prison for such ties.

Cash Seizure

Federal Task Force to Tackle Child Predators near Texas Border

Federal, state and local law enforcement officials kicked off a new joint task force in the Rio Grande Valley aimed at fighting the rising threat against children from sexual predators. Arrests of sex offenders, including previously deported illegal alien sex offenders has been on the increase across this border region.

task force

Texas Border Tax Collector Arrested on Bribery, Organized Crime Charges

Authorities have arrested the tax collector and three employees from this border county on multiple bribery, engaging in organized criminal activity, and official oppression charges. As with the multiple recent corruption cases along the border, the public officials have ties to the Democratic Party.

tax raid

Multiple Gunmen Raid Texas Border Home

LA FERIA, Texas — A group of heavily-armed gunmen stormed a house and hogtied the people inside as they searched for large amounts cash in this border community.

Border Home Invasion