Common Fisheries Policy

Fishermen Suspect Tory Brexit Pledge Masks Betrayal on £6.3bn Fishing Zone

The Government has committed to scrapping the Fisheries Convention of 1964, allowing Britain to take back control of its territorial waters from the EU out to twelve miles – but fishermen are concerned that failure to commit to reclaiming the country’s full, 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) signals an impending betrayal.


Fishermen Angered After Tory Manifesto Sets Up Brexit Betrayal

The Conservative manifesto suggests Britain will not regain their full territorial waters after Brexit, claims the Fishing For Leave group who say the careful choice of words regarding fisheries may foreshadow a Brexit betrayal. The manifesto, titled ‘Forward, Together‘, commits


BATTLE OF THE THAMES: Farage Flotilla Clashes With Bob Geldof

British fishermen have faced off with anti-Brexit campaigners on the River Thames today, as a flotilla of fishing boats led by UKIP leader Nigel Farage made its way up the river to Parliament. The anti-Brexit boats were lead by musician Bob Geldof.