Wham! Italy Pummeled by 10 Earthquakes in Four Hours

Having not yet recovered from the severe earthquakes of recent months, central Italy was struck by ten earthquakes in succession over a four-hour period Wednesday, all of them registering over 4.0 on the Richter Scale.


Israel, PA Sending Medical Team to Quake-Affected Areas

The Times of Israel reports: Israeli and Palestinian rescue teams were to set out for Ecuador and southern Japan on Monday, after deadly earthquakes rocked both countries. A Palestinian medical team is to leave Monday from the West Bank to

Rescuers and their guide dogs search for victims buried in a landslide due to the recent earthquakes in the village of Minami-Aso, Japan's Kumamoto prefecture, on April 18, 2016

The world’s strongest earthquakes since 1900

A magnitude-7.8 earthquake shook Ecuador’s central coast on Saturday. The country’s vice president called it the strongest to hit the country in decades. Here is a list of some of the world’s strongest earthquakes since 1900: ___ May 22, 1960:

BHAKTAPUR, NEPAL - JULY 29: A woman clears debris from her collapsed home on July 29, 2015 in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Three months after the earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25th, and with the arrival of the monsoon, clearing debris from damaged homes and demolishing damaged buildings has become a …

Thousands search for missing in Japan’s deadly earthquakes

ASO, Japan (AP) — Thousands of rescue workers searched a debris-strewn village in southern Japan for about a half-dozen missing people Sunday, as the Japanese government said U.S. military aircraft would join the relief mission for communities devastated by two

The picture shows a road damaged by earthquakes in Minami-Aso, Kumamoto prefecture, on April 17, 2016. At least 41 people are known to have died in the double disaster, with up to eight still missing -- feared buried in shattered houses or under torrents of mud. / AFP / KAZUHIRO …

Oklahoma Governor Thanks Jerry Brown for Earthquake Help

Oklahoma’s Republican Governor, Mary Fallin, wrote a December 9 letter to California Governor Jerry Brown thanking him for the help Caltrans officials have offered educating Oklahoma officials regarding earthquakes.

Jerry Brown California Flag (Reed Saxon / Associated Press)

Silicon Valley’s Key Reservoir May Collapse

A pricey retrofitting project at one of Santa Clara County’s largest dams has been delayed by a full year after engineers discovered nearby “trace faults” that could elevate the risk of the dam’s collapse in the event of a strong earthquake.

Anderson Reservoir (Tony Avelar / Associated Press)

Duh: Earthquakes Not Caused by Fracking

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow gleefully teased the earthquakes in Oklahoma as “the story that might keep you up at night.” On her October 16 show, she stated that Oklahoma’s earthquakes are: “The terrible and unintended consequence of the way we get oil and gas out of the ground.… from fracking operations.” Yet, when her guest, Jeremy Boak, Oklahoma Geological Survey director, corrected her by saying “it’s not actually frackwater,” she didn’t change her tune.

anti-fracking campaigners

Recent California Earthquakes Not Linked to Oil Drilling

Although many speculate that a series of earthquakes erupting in the Baldwin Hills region of Los Angeles are tied to drilling activity in nearby oil fields, scientists inform that they are not connected.

AP Photo/Brennan Linsley

Study: Only 0.1 Percent of North Texas Injection Wells Potentially Involved in Earthquakes

According to a new study released on Wednesday, underground wastewater injection wells used in hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” have virtually no role whatsoever in the earthquakes in the North Texas area during the past few years. The study was conducted by a group affiliated with the petroleum industry, but used publicly available data on seismic activity in the region and a long list of independent peer-reviewed scientific research to reach this conclusion.

Natural Gas Drilling