Wall Street Journal: Only the Elite Are Entitled to Opinions

For the editors of the Wall Street Journal, apparently, only the elite media are entitled to opinions. They seem not to have received the message voters sent in November, which was as much a rebellion against the media establishment as it was against the progressive policies with which McMaster, at times, aligned himself.

Street Journal

Donald Trump Is a ‘PINO’ — Populist in Name Only

As he often does, Rush Limbaugh said something important on his January 21 show: he observed that nationalism and populism were overtaking conservatism, and that the conservative elite did not like that at all, not one little bit.

Charles Krupa/AP Photo

Apple Elitist in Employment

The elitism of Apple–the head of which, Tim Cook, has already ripped into the supposed rednecks of Indiana for their desire to protect religious freedom–extends to its employment practices.

shoppers walk by the Apple Store along the the Third …