EU Democracy: Prez Juncker Reveals He Blocks Eurosceptics from Commission Jobs, Regardless of Elections

DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images
DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images

The EU will make sure eurosceptic candidates are blocked from top jobs in Brussels regardless of the results of May’s election, Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has bragged.

In an interview with Polish media at the weekend, Jean-Claude Juncker rejected the idea that the surge at the ballot box for national populist parties predicted next month would slow the progress of the globalist EU integration process.

“In these elections, those who promote foolish nationalism will pay the price for it,” the European Commission president threatened, crowing: “Nobody knows this, but last time I rejected the candidacies of six of the Commissioners presented to me by national governments”.

“Do remember that governments merely propose commissioners. It is the president of the Commission who accepts them and allocates their responsibilities,” the unelected bureaucrat boasted.

Speaking with Rzeczpospolita, Juncker sneered that, whether the nation’s patriotic ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party wins national parliamentary elections in November or whether it is defeated by a coalition of opposition activists backed by most of the Brussels establishment, Poland would not be leaving the EU due to the financial benefits it provides.

“Poles do not want to be cut off from all this,” the Luxembourgian politician confidently declared, before adding contradictorily that people in Western Europe “should not think Poland is only in the bloc for money”.

He claimed Poland’s EU membership is as a result of the Slavic nation-state sharing “common values” with other EU countries, and said that funding from Brussels “is not a gift, but a recognition of the magnitude of the reforms carried out” since it joined the EU.

During the interview, Juncker also discussed the Commission’s decision to pursue sanctions against Poland over the government’s supposed flouting of “democratic standards” with reforms to what PiS argues is a corrupt judicial system lacking in accountability.

“Rule of law is the cornerstone of the EU,” Juncker claimed, asserting that while “certain countries [sometimes] allow themselves a degree of insubordination, depending on who happens to be in power and the stage of the political cycle they are in”, he was “confident that in few years’ time, these issues won’t be troubling us anymore”.

According to Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF), which has funded NGOs demanding Brussels take unprecedented action against Poland, South Africa is a model of the so-called democratic values and rule of law allegedly being “dangerously” rejected in populist-ruled countries like Poland and Hungary.

“Thank you, South Africa, for reminding me that to be free means living in a way that enhances and promotes the freedom of others,” declared OSF president Patrick Gaspard last year, vowing that a vision of countries modeled on the now-violence plagued African nation would win out against those of leaders like Poland’s Kaczynski.

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