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Man Arrested For People Smuggling Denies Guilt

ROME (AP) — An Eritrean man who says he was mistakenly jailed in Rome as an alleged migrant smuggling kingpin is expected to be transferred soon to Palermo, Sicily, where prosecutors are investigating human trafficking rings operating from Libya, the

People Smuggling

Eritrea Allegedly Commands Polygamy to Restore Population

A memo from the infamously authoritarian government of Eritrea in east Africa — the Department of Religious Affairs, to be specific — is sending “ripples of shock throughout the country,” according to Ventures Africa, as it orders men to marry at least two wives or face life imprisonment with hard labor.

Reuters/Mansi Thapliyal

Sweden-Bound Plane Carrying Eritreans Leaves Italy Under New EU plan

ROME (AP) — An Italian police aircraft carrying 19 Eritreans took off from Rome’s Ciampino airport Friday, bringing the first refugees to Sweden under the European Union’s (EU) new resettlement program aimed at redistributing asylum-seekers from hard-hit receiving countries. The

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