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Brexit: Why The Globalists Lost

There’s panic in the skyscrapers. A popular revolution against globalism is underway, and Britain has struck the first blow.

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Le Pen Demands French EU ‘Renegotiation’

The leader of France’s right wing Front National party has said she wants a British-style renegotiation with the European Union (EU) regarding immigration and financial integration. “We will enter into negotiations with the European Union over the euro and Schengen. That’s exactly what

EU Referendum Bill

London Local Council Votes To Back Brexit In Referendum

(AFP) – A local council in London became the first in Britain to endorse leaving the European Union in a vote. Havering Council in east London voted by 30 to 15 in favour of a motion tabled by a councillor

The European union and Union flag fly outside the national assembly building in Cardiff on September 24, 2015.

Think Tank: EU Membership ‘Benefits’ Are As Dodgy As PPI Insurance

Research from the Civitas think-tank tests the allegedly “self-evident and unanswerable” benefits said to accrue from the UK’s membership of the European Union (EU) Single Market, and finds “no empirical basis” in support. The report — which finds that for the UK the Single Market “must

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Labour Faces Divisions Over New Leader Jeremy Corbyn

LONDON, Sept 13 (Reuters) – Britain’s opposition Labour Party must unite behind new leader Jeremy Corbyn, his deputy said on Sunday as he revealed his own differences with his new boss over issues such as defence and foreign policy. Left-wing