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With Summer Heat, Climate Alarmism Boils Over

As heat waves move across the U.S. from the northeast to the southwest and in much of western Europe, climate alarmists are responding predictably by blaming hot temperatures not on true meteorological causes but on the nebulous bogeyman of “climate change.”

Bears (Jean-Francois Monier / AFP / Getty)

Bears Filmed Swimming Close to People in Lake Tahoe

Three bears — a mother and her two cubs — were filmed taking a dip in the waters of Pope Beach in South Lake Tahoe on Monday as beachgoers stood to the sidelines and watched the unfazed trio cool off from the summer heat.

Los Angeles solstice fires (Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty)

On Hottest Day of 2016, Fires Erupt near Los Angeles

Two fires broke out on Monday near Los Angeles in the midst of sweltering heat on the first day of summer, forcing local residents to evacuate and sending billowing clouds of grey smoke into the clear blue skies above the city.

Santa Monica Beach (Joel Pollak : Breitbart News)

Heat Wave Interrupts El Niño in SoCal

Some cities in Southern California saw daily temperature records broken this week as an unusual heat wave interrupted what has been an El Niño-fueled rainy, cold winter in the region.