Julius Caesar


Michael Moore Donates $10,000 to Shakespeare in the Park

Filmmaker Michael Moore, who is making his Broadway debut this summer in a solo show, says he will donate $10,000 to New York City’s Shakespeare in the Park after it lost funding from sponsors due to its controversial “Julius Caesar” production.

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15 Times Celebrities Envisioned Violence Against Trump and the GOP

The level of vitriol and violent rhetoric against now-President Trump has increased substantially in recent weeks, from comedian Kathy Griffin’s now-famous shock “beheading” photograph to Shakespeare in the Park’s not-at-all-subtle “assassination” of Trump on a stage in New York City’s Central Park.


Report: Company Behind Trump Assassination ‘Julius Caesar’ Play Received $30M from Taxpayers

New York City’s Public Theater — the company behind this summer’s Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar, which depicts the assassination and brutal stabbing of its Donald Trump-inspired main character — has received nearly $30 million in federal, state, and city grants since 2009 through its parent company, the New York Shakespeare Festival (NYSF), according to a report.

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Will Our Children Have Basic Civic Knowledge for Our Public Institutions to Endure?

“A soothsayer bids you beware the Ides of March,” Brutus warns Roman dictator Julius Caesar in Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy. March 15 is the “Ides of March,” one of the most important events in the political history of western civilization, the anniversary of Julius Caesar’s assassination.