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Truck Drivers Still Under Threat from Calais Migrants

Three months after the notorious ‘Jungle’ Calais migrant camp was cleared, there has been a huge surge in the number of migrants gathering in the area in the hope of illegally entering the UK.


UKIP MEP Blasts Lack Of Border Control For Calais Migrant Jungle Resurgence

Despite increased UK-funded security and the demolition of part of the ‘jungle’ camp in March, hundreds more migrants have reached Calais putting total figures waiting to smuggle into Britain at up to an estimated 7,000. The official figures for Pas de Calais region

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Lorry Drivers To Sue Government Over ‘Illegal’ Migrant Fines

Haulage firms are to bring legal action against the Home Office regarding the exorbitant fines imposed on drivers who, unwittingly or not, bring migrant stowaways into the country in their trucks. Lorry drivers caught with illegal migrants on board are fined


UK Cops Let Hundreds Of Foreign Drivers Off Speeding Fines

Hundreds of foreign drivers breaking the speed limit in Kent have not been fined, figures released under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed. Charlie Elphicke, Member of Parliament for Dover has slammed the failure to collect the fines as


Calais Security Overwhelmed by Migrant Crisis, Outnumbered 18:1

Hauliers have again called for a security boost at Calais as the rise in migrant numbers means they now outnumber security forces by 18 to one. Just 1,300 officers working on shifts are deployed to the town, where nearly 7,000 migrants

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Calais Truck Drivers: ‘It’s War Out There’ Because Of Migrants

The level of intimidation faced lorry drivers passing through Calais at the hands of migrants is “out of control” and “totally unacceptable”, a spokesman for Britain’s road haulage industry has said. His association has now set up a hotline for drivers