Cartel Terrorist Throws Grenade near Border City School in Mexico

A group of Gulf Cartel gunmen threw a grenade outside of a school in the Mexican border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, to distract authorities while one of their commanders tried to escape. The tactic failed, and authorities apprehended the local crime boss. The terror-style violence comes as Mexican authorities continue claiming the cartel-controlled border state of Tamaulipas is safe.

Matamoros School

VIDEO: Cartel Gunmen Clash with Mexican Soldiers at Texas Border

Cartel gunmen and Mexican Army soldiers clashed right at the Texas border in a fierce shootout where three gunmen died. The gunfight spread terror among motorists trying to cross one of the area’s international ports of entry. The shootout is one of several clashes that have taken place in that location as rival factions of the Gulf Cartel fight for control of the region, while government officials in Mexico try to minimize the situation and claim all is safe.


Mexican Government Silent on Border City Raid Targeting Cartel Boss’s Son

Mexican authorities remain tight-lipped about a weekend raid in the border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, targeting the son of a top regional Gulf Cartel boss. The quietness behind the raid led locals to speculate if the move could be an attempt to negotiate a deal in order to stop the recent turf war between rival factions of the Gulf Cartel plaguing the border region.

Matamoros Raid 4

Border State Officials in Mexico Falsely Claim All is Well Amid Cartel Turf War

Public officials in the border state of Tamaulipas are working to marginalize the violence that is spreading through their cities. Violence escalated in recent days as rival cartels fight for control of drug and human trafficking routes. The violence manifested itself in numerous blockades inside multiple cities while convoys of gunmen in armored vehicles fight in the outskirts and along key highways.

CJNG in Tamaulipas 3

Watch: Venezuelan Migrant Describes Cartel Attack on Border Encampment in Mexico

Breitbart Texas spoke with a Venezuelan migrant recently released on the downtown streets of Brownsville, Texas, who provided a before and after video of a migrant encampment. The migrant confirmed reports that members of the feared Gulf Cartel attacked the encampment last week. The migrant says the cartel members were angered by the Venezuelan migrants helping to ferry others across the Rio Grande using inflatable mattresses as makeshift rafts.

Venezuelan migrant camp in Mexico following an attack by the Gulf Cartel in Matamoros. (Mi

$930K Cash Seized by CBP Officers at Texas Border Crossing

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in South Texas seized more than $930,000 in U.S. currency during an attempted border crossing to Mexico. The officers found the undeclared cash in a vehicle being driven across the Brownville-Matamoros International Bridge on Tuesday.

CBP officers seized more than $931K in undeclared U.S. currency at the Brownsville-Matamor

Mexican State Cops Seize Guns, SUV After Border City Shootout

State police officers in Matamoros managed to seize an SUV and several weapons after fighting off an attack from members of Mexico’s Gulf Cartel. That criminal organization recently made headlines for trying to gain favor through a social media campaign where they handed out boxes with food to poor communities in the region.

Matamoros Shootout

GRAPHIC: Mexican Gulf Cartel Faction Leader Dies in Shootout near Border Years After Faking His Own Death

A leader of a faction of Mexico’s Gulf Cartel who faked his death in 2017 died this week in a fierce shootout with rival cartel gunmen. The faction leader cooperated with authorities in Mexico and court records in the U.S. point to him having provided information to investigators in exchange for a light sentence in an old criminal case.

Cartel Murder