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<> on January 31, 2016 in Sioux Center, United States.

Establishment Wrong Again: Trump Wins College Educated Voters In NH

Throughout the Republican presidential primary, and we still have a very long way to go, the Republican Establishment has revealed itself to be the nastiest, meanest, smallest group of smugs I have ever come across. I honestly didn’t think people

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National Review Spreads Debunked Claim Trump Voted for Obama

Sometime just after 1 p.m. eastern, on this crucially-important New Hampshire voting day, using a fake Donald Trump tweet, National Review’s official Twitter account spread the thoroughly-debunked claim that Trump voted for Barack Obama: — — The issue of this

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Rubio’s Tough Night

Everyone knew that Christie was going to come after Rubio hard, and yet Rubio let himself get steamrolled. He either got rattled by the assault or thought he was sticking to his message by bringing it back to the point that Obama’s intentions, not his lack of experience, accounts for the disasters of his administration.


As Obama Courts Castro Regime, Cuban Adjustment Act Needed More than Ever

More than a year after President Obama announced a concessions package to the rogue Raúl Castro regime in Havana, the usual cabal of left-wing voices have united against political asylum for Cuban refugees. Unlike in the past half-century, however, they have ensnared some conservatives, who now believe that the problem lies in Cuban refugees seeking freedom.


Phyllis Schlafly Issues Rubio Betrayal Memo

Conservative icon and grassroots heroine Phyllis Schlafly has released a new report extensively detailing Marco Rubio’s efforts to deceive the American people in his determined pursuit to open the nation’s borders.

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Geller: I Support Cruz; but the War on Trump is Extreme and Repulsive

It’s no secret that I endorse Ted Cruz for President, because he best represents conservative ideals. And yes, I was highly critical of Donald Trump’s attack on the First Amendment in the wake of the thwarted jihad mass shooting at our American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) free speech event in Garland, Texas last May.


Exclusive – Davi: When Johnny Friendly and His Goons Took Over National Review

Like the stale politicians who have let the American people down, the establishment types at National Review behind the “Against Trump” issue cling to their own John Friendly political mafia. Johnny Friendly and his goons in the film “On the Waterfront” throw anyone who exposes their irrelevancy off the roof.

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Trump: National Review ‘Failing Badly,’ ‘Not Going to Be Around Long’

On the Saturday broadcast of “Justice” on Fox News Channel, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump called in and discussed National Review, who published a so-called anti-Trump manifesto entitled “Against Trump.” “Well, it’s a failing magazine, you know that. It’s been failing badly, and they’re getting


Theodore Roosevelt Malloch: George Will and National Review Part of ‘Senile Ruling Class’

“The GOE as I call it, the Grand Old Establishment, no longer represents real conservatism or the evolving GOP,” said Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, author of DAVOS, ASPEN & YALE: My Life Behind the Elite Curtain as a Global Sherpa, Chairman and CEO of The Global Fiduciary Governance LLC, and great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt.


Buchanan: National Review Trump Criticism ‘Probably Helps Trump’

On Friday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” columnist and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan argued National Review’s article series against Donald Trump “Probably helps Trump.” Buchanan stated, “I think this is more about National


Fund: Trump Doesn’t Know ‘Enough About National Review to Call Us a Magazine’

Friday on CNN’s “Newsroom With Carol Costello,”  National Review’s national-affairs columnist John Fund scoffed at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump calling National Review a “newspaper” and not a magazine. Host Carol Costello asked, “Why did the National Review decide to publish such


Heilemann: ‘Nothing the National Review Could Do More to Help Donald Trump’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Bloomberg’s John Heilemann reacted to National Review’s so-called “manifesto” released yesterday attacking Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. According to Heilemann, that effort does more to help Trump than to hurt him. “First of all, I’d say

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Review—Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan

No historian has done a better job of chronicling Ronald Reagan’s rise to power than Craig Shirley. As always, Shirley is a perfect antidote to the “court historians” who never really “got” Reagan. Shirley’s books on Reagan’s 1976 and 1980 presidential campaigns, Reagan’s Revolution and Rendezvous With Destiny, are the gold standard in describing the Gipper’s ascendence and successful capture of the White House.