Roger Scruton

Digging Up Our Green and Pleasant Land: Being Political Wing of Building Industry May Cost Tories Dearly

The Conservatives had been defying conventional logic, winning by-elections while in government — a rare achievement — but now they have been soundly defeated in a safe seat by a minor party, analysis suggests, on the small matter of the countryside being swallowed whole by development. Will the Tories’ big-money donors in the construction industry come to haunt them?


Harris-Quinney: Scruton Was Hounded by Woke Mob and Fake Conservatives in His Final Months

Just as the virulently anti-Thatcher Conservative Party became momentarily “Thatcherite” when Baroness Thatcher passed away, establishment Conservative Party figures have been out in force eulogising Sir Roger Scruton upon his passing this week. Where were they less than a year ago when he was being fired from their government for holding “unacceptable views”?


Bokhari: Sir Roger Scruton Is Dead, but His Ideas Live On

“Conservatism,” wrote Sir Roger Scruton, “is not a matter of defending global capitalism at all costs, or securing the privileges of the few against the many… Its underlying motive is not greed or the lust for power but simply attachment to a way of life.”

Roger Scruton