Authoritarian New Zealand to Pass Smoking Prohibition Law

New Zealand’s far-left government plans to outlaw smoking nationwide by 2025, the country’s health ministry announced Thursday. Plans to effectively eliminate smoking in New Zealand over the next four years have now been finalized, New Zealand Associate Health Minister Ayesha

A Tunisian girl smokes in a bar in the center of Tunis on February, 2 2011. Tunisia's inte

North Korean Anti-Smoking Website Stirs Coronavirus Speculation

A North Korean state propaganda website announced the creation of a domestically accessible website to help citizens quit smoking on Sunday, news that arrives as Pyongyang expedites the construction of a new hospital and insists it has yet to be affected by the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

A smoker is engulfed by vapours as he smokes an electronic vaping machine during lunch tim

IDF Bases to Stop Selling Cigarettes

Beginning November 1, cigarettes and other tobacco products will disappear from the shelves of stores in dozens of military bases around the country as the army steps up its fight against smoking, the Israel Defense Force’s manpower chief said Sunday.

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File