Ted Wheeler

Pro-Abortion Protesters Arrested in Oregon for ‘Night of Rage’ Violence

Crowds dressed in black descended on the city of Portland on Saturday night as part of a nationwide “Night of Rage” staged to protest the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to return abortion law to individual states, potentially limiting access to the procedure that was previously guaranteed federally by Roe v. Wade.

A police cruiser in Portland, Oregon.

Family of Murdered Trump Supporter Sues Portland, Mayor, District Attorney

The family of murdered Trump supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Portland, its mayor, and the county district attorney on Friday. The lawsuit states that Danielson’s death was “preventable” and blames the city and officials for a “hands-off approach” to its policing strategy.

SALEM, OR - SEPTEMBER 07: Rebecca Thomas, a participant in a pro-Trump caravan rally, pose

WATCH: Portland Mayor Accosted by Protester While Dining with Family

A protester accosted Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler last week as he attempted to eat at a sushi restaurant with his daughter. The protester screamed at the mayor and accused him of gassing children. Protesters confronted the mayor at least two other times when he attempted to dine in public.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is accosted by a protester while dining out with his teenage da

Portland Plans to Combat Crime with Unarmed Park Rangers

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler reportedly backed down from his request the police bureau be given $2 million in emergency funds and instead voted with city commissioners to spend $6 million on grants to community groups and also hire 24 park rangers.

PORTLAND, OR - JULY 22: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler reacts after being exposed to tear gas

Wikipedia Administrator Resigns After Banning Antifa Opponent

Guy Chapman, a Wikipedia administrator with special site privileges, was criticized late last year for banning an Antifa opponent from editing the far-left group’s page. Editors cited Chapman’s pro-Antifa stance as conflicting with policies against administrators using privileges when involved in disputes. Chapman subsequently resigned citing unrelated stress over disputes about the 2020 election results. This month in posts about pro-Donald Trump protestors storming the Capitol over election fraud allegations, Chapman claimed Breitbart News’ coverage of Wikipedia has undermined faith in the online encyclopedia.


Portland Police ‘Aware of Weapons Stockpile’ in Expanding Autonomous Zone

Portland Police Bureau Chief Chuck Lovell said his department is aware of a “stockpile of weapons” and “the presence of firearms” in a growing autonomous zone. A group of anti-eviction protesters set up the zone to stop the lawful eviction of the occupants of what has become known as “the Red House on Mississippi.”

PORTLAND, OR - DECEMBER 09: Protesters walk through an area near the Red House on Mississi

Portland Mayor Warns ‘Far-Right Groups’ to Stay Away from City as Leftist Violence Dominates

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) warned “far-right groups” to stay away from the city, stating that “intending to intimidate, create fear, commit violence, or spread hate is not welcome here” — However, he has routinely failed to apply the same standard to Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters who have continually inflicted carnage on the city for well over 100 days.

PORTLAND, OR - AUGUST 30: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler speaks to the media at City Hall on A

Police: One Portland Rioter Shoots Another

Two participants in a riot in Portland, Oregon, Tuesday night into Wednesday morning were reported to have been involved in an altercation that led to a shooting, according to the Portland Police Bureau.

Portland riots gun (Portland Police Bureau)