University of Georgia

U. of Georgia Marching Band Drops Signature ‘Gone With the Wind’ Song

The University of Georgia announced this week that its marching band will no longer play a song from the 1939 film Gone With the Wind during football games. The song “Tara’s Theme” has been the band’s signature song up to this point. The classic Victor Fleming film has recently come under fire over claims that it sanitizes racial and ethnic prejudice.

University of Georgia marching band

U of Georgia Hosts ‘Healthy Masculinity’ Event

The University of Georgia is hosting a “Taco’bout it Tuesday” event that encourages male student to reflect on their masculinity. The university claims its goal is to “provide a supportive space for male-identified students to engage in critical thought” about topics like “the aesthetics of manhood,” while also stating that “gender is a social construct.”


University of Georgia: TA Who Said ‘White People Might Have to Die’ Did Not Violate Code of Conduct

A judiciary panel at the University of Georgia has concluded that a teaching assistant and graduate student who came under scrutiny last January for making racially charged statements did not violate the student code of conduct. The graduate student had been accused of purposefully omitting a trespassing arrest from his UGA admissions application, among other allegations.

University of Georgia TA Irami Osei-Frimpong