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Crackdown: Turkey Blocks all Access to Wikipedia

In a move that social media users called censorship, a Turkish court on Saturday blocked access to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, enforcing an earlier restriction by Turkey’s telecommunications watchdog.


Turkey Blocks Access to Wikipedia over ‘Terror’ Claims

Istanbul (AFP) – Turkey on Saturday blocked all access inside the country to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia reportedly for articles claiming links between Ankara and terror groups, the latest restriction on a popular website to hit Turkish users.

The Associated Press

Wikipedia’s Seven Worst Moments

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales describes his vaunted online encyclopedia as “unbiased” and “neutral. We’re not so sure about that.

AP Photo/Eric Risberg

Everipedia: The Wikipedia Competitor for the People

At a time when Internet censorship has turned into a perceived #WAR against certain groups of people, a new hero has seemingly emerged as a siren for the masses. Everipedia, also known as “Thug Wikipedia” to the insiders–which includes everyone by design–is the unannounced, and impossible to ignore, lovechild of the popular online encyclopedia and Facebook.


Sick Warmists Gloat Over The Death Of Climate Hero Bob Carter

Sick green activists have been gloating over the death of Bob Carter, the heroic climate sceptic geologist who died of a heart attack earlier this week. Here’s a selection of nasties from Australia, where Carter worked. (Knowing Bob I’m sure

Bob Carter