Associated Press Says Journalists Receiving Threats from Bernie Sanders Supporters

Bernie Sanders
The Associated Press

The Associated Press is warning reporters to keep safe after receiving thousands of threats from Bernie Sanders supporters after it declared Hilary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nomination.

The AP’s vice president for global security, Danny Spriggs, confirmed that many journalists have been receiving threats over the phone, social media, and emails, as Sanders’ supporters vent their frustration at what they argue was a rigged process.

They argue that superdelegates shouldn’t have been included in the delegate count, which Clinton has now officially surpassed, as they don’t officially vote until the Democratic National Convention in July.

Sanders himself has described the process as a “rigged system” that only “revolutionaries” could amend.

This week Sanders was forced to condemn violence from his supporters after multiple incidents of violence whilst protesting outside Donald Trump rallies.

The Associate Press defended its decision to declare Clinton as the official nominee, arguing the road was now “painstaking but very straightforward.”

“By Monday evening, 571 superdelegates had told us unequivocally that they intend to vote for Clinton at the convention,” it said in a statement. “Adding that number to the delegates awarded to Clinton in primary and caucus voting to date gave her the number needed to be the presumptive nominee.”

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