Columbia U. Hosts ‘Palestinian Counteroffensive’ Event Despite Claiming It Was Canceled

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Columbia University’s School of Social Work proceeded with its “teach in” on the so-called “significance” of the October 7 terror attacks against Israel by Hamas, despite claiming that the event had been canceled.

“Another smoldering heap of a university,” reacted X/Twitter user and internet personality Aviva Klompas, sharing a video footage from the “teach in.”

“Columbia University stated that a planned student event to celebrate the October 7 ‘Palestinian Counteroffensive’ would not be permitted to take place,” Klompas added. “Yet here they are calling murder, rape, torture and kidnapping ‘great feats’ inside the @ColumbiaSSW building.”

“No doubt the university will set to work investigating the context,” she added.

Additional video footage from the “teach in” showed a student calling out its participants.

“People in this school, from this group, have referred to my people as Zionist dogs,” the student declared. “Dogs, as far as I’m concerned, are animals. So I think it’s a little bit hypocritical for you to talk about a leader of another country [Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] while you are participating in that same form of dehumanization.”

Watch Below:

“To characterize the events of October 7th as a ‘counter offensive,’ where my people were killed and maimed and yes, raped, whether you like it or not, whether it fits it’s your narrative, to characterize that as anything else but terrorism and a massacre is unacceptable from people who are studying to be social workers,” she added.

As Breitbart News reported, the Columbia School of Social Work planned to host a “teach in” on Wednesday on the so-called “significance” of the October 7 terror attacks against Israel by Hamas, which the school has labeled as the “Palestinian Counteroffensive.”

But after it was reported that this so-called teach in would be taking place at the university, Columbia University claimed the event was canceled.

“The students who organized the event did not seek approval for the fliers and text as required by CSSW [Columbia of School Social Work] processes,” the school said.


“CSSW supports free speech but does not condone language that promotes violence in any manner, which is antithetical to our values,” the school added.

“This event will not go forward at CSSW,” the university affirmed. The event, however, did go forward, as ample evidence shows.

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