Abbott Touts Texas’ Top Ranking for Capital Investment Projects

AP Photo/Jay Janner

In a special guest commentary for Forbes Opinion, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) touted his state’s continued economic strength. The Governor specifically highlighting Texas’ top ranking for capital investment projects.

Site Selection Magazine made the determination that Texas was once again the top state for major capital investment projects, with 689 completed in 2014. Each of these capital investment projects represents a minimum of $1 million and 20 or more jobs created.

Earlier this month, Abbott was presented with the Governor’s Cup award by Site Selection, recognizing Texas’ first place ranking. The award marks the third in a row for the Lone Star State and its sixth since 2004.

“I was honored to accept this coveted award on behalf of the job creators and community economic leaders in Texas and the hardest working job force in the world,” wrote Abbott in his commentary. “But we cannot be complacent and rest on past accomplishments. Challenges remain.”

Abbott then continued to describe steps he plans to take as Governor, including reducing taxes for employers and property owners, reducing regulatory burdens, speeding up the permitting process, and investing in transportation infrastructure.

“By limiting the size and scope of government, controlling spending, reducing debt and removing barriers to business growth, we unleash job creation and innovation,” wrote Abbott. “When it comes to doing business, there really is no place like Texas. And we intend to make it even better.”

Last Friday, Abbott announced more positive economic news, a drop in Texas’ already low unemployment rate, from 4.6 percent in December 2014 to 4.4 percent in January 2015. The figures were reported by the Texas Workforce Commission, and reflect 20,100 jobs added in January.

In reaction to the January jobs numbers, Abbott released the following statement:

The State of Texas is continuing to lead the nation in job growth by leveraging our state’s greatest natural resource – the people of Texas who’ve developed an incredibly robust and resilient economy. And while the January job numbers are a testament of the strength of Texas’ economy, there is more we must do to boost our job market beyond our borders and compete on the global stage. By diversifying investments, streamlining regulations and reducing the business franchise tax, we will cultivate an even stronger, more effective economy where all Texans are afforded the opportunity to innovate and to prosper.

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