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Will The Press EVER Call Out "Dr." John Boyd on His Lies and Use of the Rural Race Card?


Yesterday, CNN once again gave “Dr.” John Boyd a platform to promote the fraudulent Pigford “Black Famers” settlement and once again, he used the public airwaves to accuse a Congressman of being racist. This time, Boyd attacked a woman who’s running for President; Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN). This is the same bait-n-switch, rural race card play that Boyd makes consistently – he pretends that it’s black farmers who are being attacked when it’s 100% clear that it’s FRAUD that is the issue.

Listen to what “Dr.” John Boyd says at 3:05:

Bachmann isn’t attacking black farmers and she never has. Never, not one time. Nor has Rep. Steve King (R-IA) ever attacked black farmers. In fact, Bachmann has the support of real black farmers. But because I know ‘Dr.” Boyd’s game, I’ve made sure to get this on the record – any journalist can easily find the following interview with Bachmann where she says in no uncertain terms that she supports black farmers who have been discriminated against by the USDA. And those reporters have my permission to use my interview with Michelle Bachmann about the Pigford settlement. In fact, I’m officially announcing a Creative Commons license so that ANYONE is free to embed, quote or use the interview which shows very clearly that “Dr.” John Boyd is blatantly lying about Rep. Bachmann’s position.

[youtube cKAHAiSxhSE nolink]

Will any reporter out there stand up to John Boyd and stop his fraud? Anyone?


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