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Same MSM That Ignored Left's Bigoted Attacks on Mormons Hammer Perry Over Pastor Remarks


For those of you doubting that the MSM is on a crusade to take out any threat to Barack Obama by any means necessary, please read on…

The very same mainstream media that did everything in its power to protect then-candidate Barack Obama from his troubling 20-year relationship with racial demagogue Jeremiah Wright is now all in a huff over a Texas pastor who declared Mormonism a cult. To be very clear, this isn’t Rick Perry’s pastor. Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church merely introduced Perry at an event and then shot his ignorant mouth off to the press afterwards.

Click here for a glimpse of the ginned-up media storm that followed.

Weren’t we told by Obama’s Media Palace Guards that guilt by association was racist or something? Wright, Ayers, Dohrn, the New Black Panther Party… Am I the only one who recalls that?

The bottom line, though, is that the MSM doesn’t give a hi-ho-hearty damn about Mormons or bigotry or violence or intimidation directed towards them. Something few of you will recall is the true-life hell a number of left-wing, pro-same sex marriage advocates put Mormons through after the Prop. 8 battle in the State of California. The reason you aren’t likely to recall this is because the corrupt MSM all but ignored it.

Willaim McGurn in today’s Wall Street Journal:

As disappointing as these attitudes might be, far more alarming for Mormons are the attacks on Mormon property and Mormon livelihoods just three years ago that registered barely a peep among the same media now so obsessed with Mr. Jeffress. These attacks happened during the 2008 campaign in California over Proposition 8, a state referendum to ban same-sex marriage. When opponents of the measure found that Mormons had contributed heavily to its passage, ugly attacks followed.

LDS temples in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City received envelopes filled with white powder, provoking an anthrax scare. A Book of Mormon was burned outside an LDS chapel in Denver. Other Mormon chapels were vandalized.

Individuals fared even worse. The head of the Los Angeles Film Festival was forced to resign after his contribution was made public. Ditto for a fellow Mormon who ran the California Musical Theater. A former gold medalist who served as U.S. chef de mission for the 2012 Olympic Games in London likewise stepped down. A 67-year-old woman who had donated just $100 stopped working at the restaurant her mother owned to spare it further protest.

As someone who also covers the Hollywood beat, I watched all of this go down while the MSM — including the same Hollywood media that loves to scream “witch hunt!” at the drop of a hat — stood idly by as real-life witch hunts and purges raged on.

Furthermore, where was the MSM’s anti-Mormon hand-wringing in 2008 when Jacob Weisberg of Slate declared Romney’s Mormonism a disqualifier for the presidency? And let’s not forget Bill Keller’s humdinger of religious bigotry that appeared on the pages of no less than the New York Times just a few weeks ago. You don’t have to read between the lines to see that Keller’s obviously more than a little freaked out by religious types, most especially Christians, and wants assurances just short of a loyalty oath that they won’t put their scary superstitions ahead of the Constitution.

To quote a failed president, let me be clear; The MSM doesn’t care about Mormons or any religion that doesn’t include worship of the State.

What the MSM cares about is knocking off our candidates one by one. Perry’s on the ropes, and now the media is hoping to finish him off with an absurd narrative over something someone who introduced him said.

This outrage is as ginned-up of a non-story as last week’s ginned-up race-baiting non-story. It’s all partisan politics disguised as reportage.


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