Piers: I Was ‘Too Aggressive’ on Gun Control

Piers: I Was ‘Too Aggressive’ on Gun Control

Former CNN host Piers Morgan admitted he was “too aggressive” on gun control and “didn’t listen to the other side as much as I should have done” during an interview with the Fox News Channel’s “Kelly File.”

While Morgan said he didn’t regret being pro-gun control, and that the lack of additional gun laws was “unconscionable,” he added “I think I became too aggressive, I think I didn’t listen to the other side as much as I should have done. I think that there is a culture of gun ownership in America which I didn’t afford enough respect to.” And “I think if I had my time again…it would be a much more two-way conversation I would have with people to try and understand why America has an obsession with guns, as many people see it and how you get to a place there is more safety involved in guns than perhaps there is now.”

Morgan also offered a prescription for CNN’s declining ratings, saying “a change of philosophy is required, I think, because CNN…what happens there, a big story happens, everyone turns on CNN, when there’s no big news, everybody turns off, you have to create, I think, a new dynamic and a new philosophy for the network, which will drive ratings when there’s not much news.”

He also gossiped that anchor Anderson Cooper was a “pretty big diva,” because “anyone that combs their hair that closely and that neatly [is a diva].”

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