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Texas Cities Should Learn From Bankrupt, Spendthrift Detroit

Detroit is, quite literally, bankrupt. In fact, they are still in bankruptcy proceedings. Yet in spite of this, they appear to have learned nothing. Hopefully Texans are taking note, so that the Lone Star State does not experience similar problems in the near future. 17 Apr 2014

Cornyn Rips Holder Over Gun Control 'Bracelets'

Last week, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder testified before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies about how to make guns safer. He proposed “making guns safer” by using “fingerprint identification,” or “having the gun talk to a bracelet that you might wear.” U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) took exception to this and sent a letter to the AG requesting more information about these ideas. 17 Apr 2014

Texas Attorney with No Pants in Court Claims Discrimination

An attorney from Dallas, Texas, James Lee Bright, was banned from presenting his case in County Judge Etta Mullin's courtroom because he was not wearing pants. Bright recently had knee surgery, and was ordered by his doctor to wear shorts instead of long pants while he heals--Judge Mullin punished him for this, he claims. The attorney has now asked that the judge be removed from the case. 17 Apr 2014

Drumbeat to Raise Gas Tax Extends to Conservative Event

AUSTIN, TEXAS--Texans should pay higher gasoline taxes, a Texas Tech University professor advocated at a policy conference organized by the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin on April 16. He acknowledged that how transportation dollars are spent must also be carefully considered. 17 Apr 2014

42 'Acts of Love' ... And Counting

Breitbart Texas first put an "acts of love" list together in response to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush's insistence that many of the human beings illegally crossing into the U.S. across the porous U.S./Mexico border were doing so as acts of love. Now, the far-left mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Julian Castro, has taken up the talking point for his mission to achieve amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants who currently reside in the United States. 16 Apr 2014

Transgendered Texas Teacher Not 'Reinstated'—Contrary to Left Media

The employment status of the “transgendered” substitute seems to be as ambiguous as the teacher’s gender identity. After a school board meeting last week, it was announced and reported by left-of-center media outlets across the nation like the New York Times that Laura James Klug was reinstated to teaching status. Now it appears that may not be the case. 16 Apr 2014

A Texas Maybe: Digital Slot-Like Machines for Bingo

Electronic devices similar to slot machines may soon be coming to bingo halls around Texas. The proposed devises, which give bingo players "video confirmation" of wins and losses, will be discussed by the Texas Lottery Commission on April 16. The proposition has surfaced a long-fought battle in Texas, over whether or not casino-style gambling should be made legal in the state. 16 Apr 2014

Beaumont ISD Embezzlers Enter Guilty Pleas

The embezzlement scandal that rocked the Beaumont Independent School District (BISD) found resolution on two fronts--the employees who were indicted for stealing over $4 million from the district had their day before a U.S. judge and the Texas Commissioner of Education rendered his decision on the fate of the BISD board of trustees--in light of the corruption. 16 Apr 2014

Texas Immigration Debate: Two Sides Talking Past Each Other

Texas Lt. Governor candidate State Sen. Dan Patrick, a Republican, engaged in a highly-publicized debate on immigration and border security with San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, a Democrat widely believed to have national political aspirations, in a less-than-civil exhibition match of polarized views. Sen. Patrick typically presents himself as a conservative grassroots champion for border security, whereas Mayor Castro styles himself as a left-of-center advocate for illegal immigrants. With both men somewhat symbolic of the two opposing sides in the national immigration debate--at least in their own minds and those of their most ardent supporters--the debate was a microcosm of what is occurring nationally on the issue. Viewers witnessed two men holding opposing views who largely talked past each other in efforts to score political points. 16 Apr 2014

Poll: Abbott Holds Commanding Lead over Wendy Davis with Female Voters

Fresh Public Policy Polling (PPP) indicates that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has not only survived—but thrived—amid Wendy Davis’ prolonged effort to sour female voters against the GOP with the “War on Women” strategy. New PPP numbers show Abbott holding a commanding lead among female voters 49 to 41 percent. 15 Apr 2014

‘Affluenza' Teen Gets Another Favor from the Judge

In December 2013, a 16-year-old from north Texas named Ethan Couch made international headlines after he was sentenced to 10 years’ probation for killing four people while driving drunk. The controversy in the case initially stemmed from the fact that the judge ruled Ethan should be tried as a juvenile. Adding to the public's frustration, the judge ruled that because Ethan suffered from “affluenza” that he should be spared a jail or prison sentence. The judge recently ruled that taxpayers will heavily subsidize his mental treatment. 15 Apr 2014

Healthy Texas Economy Causes Surge in Housing Market

Housing markets have remained relatively weak in many areas of the U.S., with two notable exceptions: Washington, D.C. and Texas. Overwhelming evidence suggests that while the federal government, one of the nation's largest employers, is responsible for the ever-increasing housing demand in D.C.--the private marketplace is behind Texas' boom. The Lone Star State's pro-business environment, low taxes and reliable regulation have caused businesses to flock to the state. The result has been a bountiful job market, which draws individuals and families to Texas from around the world--many are eager to purchase homes upon arrival. 15 Apr 2014

'Mexican American Studies' and Radical Required Reading

The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) wrapped up their decision to maintain Mexican American studies on an elective status and not to elevate it into mandated coursework on April 11 despite a strong push from activists, who also worked overtime in creating a false perception that Texas was living in the Stone Age by not offering ethnic study classes at all. Breitbart Texas reported on the situation; however, a lot of other headlines rallied behind this erroneous narrative. 15 Apr 2014


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