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Cornyn: Senator Reid Has Turned The Senate into a "Killing Field" For Good Legislation

AUSTIN, Texas -- In a recent appearance at the University of Texas at Austin for the annual Texas Tribune Festival, Texas Senator John Cornyn voiced his frustration with a "dysfunctional" Senate "relegated to show votes" because of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's strict control and refusal to allow Republican bills to even be debated, much less come up for votes. One particular area of frustration for Cornyn was the lack of action on a bill he sponsored with Representative Henry Cuellar (D-San Antonio) regarding the surge of unaccompanied alien children (UACs), mostly from Central America, who had been crossing the border illegally from Mexico. Breitbart Texas interviewed Cornyn on this topic and about his hopes for the 2014 elections and beyond. 2 Oct 2014, 5:22 AM PDT

Texas Prisons Implement Ebola Emergency Action Plan

SUGAR LAND, Texas -- Breitbart Texas has leaned the Texas prison system implemented its Ebola emergency action plan Wednesday morning. The move came swiftly after officials in Dallas confirmed America’s first case of the Ebola virus. 2 Oct 2014, 5:11 AM PDT

Web of Mexican Cartel Connected Drug Rings Busted Across US

HOUSTON, Texas -- Twenty-two defendants are facing federal charges for allegedly having a role in a massive web of drug rings extended from Mexico all throughout the United States. The interconnected drug rings apparently dealt in the supply and distribution of hard narcotics, specifically cocaine and heroin, in numerous U.S. states and Mexico. 1 Oct 2014

Liberian Government Identifies Dallas Ebola Patient

HOUSTON, Texas -- Liberian government officials have identified the patient who brought the Ebola virus to the United States as Thomas Eric Duncan. Duncan lives in Monrovia and is said to be in his mid-forties. Duncan is the first person to bring an undiagnosed case of Ebola to the United States. 1 Oct 2014

Liberian Community in Texas Unites Over US Ebola Case

DALLAS, Texas -- Alben Tarty, spokesman for the Liberian Community Association of DFW told Breitbart Texas, "The CDC has the situation under control," he added, "we don't want to panic people unnecessarily," admitting that the local Liberian community has been shaken by the first reported case of Ebola in Dallas. Tarty is one of the community leaders rallying the families. 1 Oct 2014

Dallas Homeless Shelters 'Don't Have An Ebola Plan'

HOUSTON, Texas -- Fear of an Ebola outbreak has Dallas residents shaken up, as one man has been diagnosed with the deadly virus and several others have been quarantined for precautionary measures. During a medical outbreak, a city's homeless individuals, who often live in group homes, are typically considered at high-risk of contracting and spreading various viruses. It appears that there are very little precautionary measures in place prevent the spreading of Ebola within Dallas' homeless population, should an outbreak occur. 1 Oct 2014

Dallas County Health Services: No 2nd Confirmed Ebola Case in Dallas

HOUSTON, Texas -- The Dallas County Health and Human Services Department (DCHHS) in Dallas County said on Wednesday there is no second confirmed case of Ebola in Dallas County. The department reported they are talking to every person who has come in contact with the first patient and so far, there are no other cases of Ebola infection. 1 Oct 2014

Dallas Ambulance Crew Quarantined for Ebola Precaution

HOUSTON, Texas -- The ambulance crew that transported America’s first Ebola patient to the hospital has been placed in quarantine as a precaution. The quarantine is a precaution to make certain no one else is exposed in the event the crew became infected during transportation of the patient. The city of Dallas said the crew took all safety precautions during the transport process. 1 Oct 2014

Tom DeLay Found Not Guilty by State’s Highest Court

HOUSTON, Texas -- Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was found not guilty today by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. This is the highest appellate court in Texas for criminal cases and thus brings DeLay’s political persecution to an end. 1 Oct 2014

Congressman Burgess on Dallas Ebola Case: ‘All Hands on Deck’

HOUSTON, Texas -- Congressman Michael Burgess, M.D. (R-TX) responded to today’s discovery of an active Ebola case in Dallas said, “This is a grave situation that requires all hands on deck.” The patient left Liberia, Africa and arrived in the United States on September 20th and was not admitted to a hospital until September 28th. This was four days after he began displaying symptoms of the mostly deadly disease. 1 Oct 2014

Texas Governor’s Debate: Davis Dodges Questions With Unfounded Attacks

HOUSTON, Texas -- Once again, Texas Senator Wendy Davis used the Texas gubernatorial debates not to advance her own agenda, but to dodge questions and continue unfounded and disproven attacks on Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Davis continued to ignore the moderator when her time had concluded on numerous questions and refused to give specific answers to questions from the panelists. 1 Oct 2014

Without Winning Women Voters, Davis Campaign Doomed

AUSTIN, Texas -- As the second debate between State Senator Wendy Davis and Attorney General Greg Abbott in their contest for the Texas Governor's race approaches, political commentators are wondering if there is anything at all that Davis could do to rescue her floundering campaign. One factor that may be dooming Davis is her poor showing with Texas women voters. 1 Oct 2014

Breitbart Texas Bob Price discusses Oklahoma beheading on Fox News

HOUSTON, Texas -- Breitbart Texas News Contributor Bob Price appeared on the Kelly File Monday night. Price discussed the conversation he had with the mother of accused Islamic beheading suspect Alton Nolen. He also reminded Kelly’s audience that Nolen went to prison for beating an Oklahoma Trooper before he converted to Islam. 30 Sep 2014

Feds Tell Texas Schools Which Fundraiser Snacks Kids Can't Eat

DALLAS, Texas -- No more pickles, no more popcorn is what the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal reported as among snacks now considered contraband in the Lubbock Independent School District (ISD) for K-12 campus fundraisers held during school hours. Favorite kid munchies have been replaced by 45 approved federally authorized goodies. The changes were approved by Lubbock's Board of Trustees and all comply with USDA policies. 30 Sep 2014

Poll: Latinos Support Strong Border Security

AUSTIN, Texas -- As tens of thousands of unaccompanied alien children (UACs) have surged across Texas' border with Mexico and amid concerns about ongoing violence from drug and human trafficking by cartels, immigration is all but guaranteed to be an important topic for the 2014 midterm elections. Many liberal groups and media commentators have assumed that immigration is a losing topic for conservatives, especially among Hispanic voters, but recent polling data flips that assumption on its head. 30 Sep 2014

Same-Sex Marriage Issue Heats Up Texas Lieutenant Governor Debate

HOUSTON, Texas -- On Monday evening, Texas State Senators Dan Patrick (R-Houston) and Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio) met for their first debate in the race for Lieutenant Governor. During the course of the debate, the issue of gay marriage arose. Patrick took a strong stand for traditional marriage between a man and a woman. 29 Sep 2014

Dan Patrick: Van de Putte 'Out of Step With Most Texans on Every Issue'

HOUSTON, Texas -- On Monday evening, Texas State Senators Dan Patrick (R-Houston) and Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio) met for their first debate in the race for Lieutenant Governor. Noting the stark contrast between the two candidates, Patrick kicked off the debate by noting that "there has never been a bigger difference" between two Texas Lieutenant governor candidates. 29 Sep 2014

Abortion, Education, and Immigration Dominate Texas Lt. Gov. Debate

AUSTIN, Texas -- Breitbart Texas contributors Kristin Tate and Sarah Rumpf live-blogged Monday nights debate between the two major party candidates for Texas Lieutenant Governor, State Senators Dan Patrick (R-Houston) and Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio), their first debate since they won their primaries. The debate kicked off at 7:00 p.m. Central Time at the KLRU studios in Austin and was moderated by Ross Ramsay, Executive Editor of The Texas Tribune. 29 Sep 2014

Patrick, Van De Putte Lt. Gov. Debate Tonight Breitbart Texas to Live Blog

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas State Senators Dan Patrick (R-Houston) and Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio) meet tonight for their first debate in the race for Lieutenant Governor. The debate kicks off at 7:00 p.m. Central Time at the KLRU studios in Austin and will be moderated by Ross Ramsay, Executive Editor of The Texas Tribune. 29 Sep 2014

Fate, Chance and an Armed Good Guy Saved Lives in Oklahoma Beheading Case

HOUSTON, Texas -- Perhaps it was fate that when Alton Nolen went on his beheading rampage at his workplace, the company owner was a reserve sheriff’s deputy with a firearm close at hand. But other coincidences came together to make certain Nolen would not have been able to continue his assaults for very long. 29 Sep 2014

Kidnapping and Extortion Bring Massive Revenue to US Border Gangs

HOUSTON, Texas -- Gangs operating in Falfurrias, Texas have allegedly been the recipient of “a massive amount” of inbound wire transfers. The transfers are believed to be extortion payments to local gang members who allegedly kidnap illegal immigrants who are found hiking through the ranches of Brooks County to avoid the Falfurrias Border Patrol checkpoint. The immigrants are then held hostage until money is wired into the gang members – usually around one to three thousand dollars. 29 Sep 2014

Rep. Hensarling: Obama Has a Pen and Phone, But No Constitution

AUSTIN, Texas -- Representative Jeb Hensarling, a Republican representing Texas’ Fifth Congressional District, gave an interview to Breitbart Texas at the Defending the American Dream Summit organized by Americans for Prosperity last month in Dallas, to share his thoughts on the crisis on the Texas border: 29 Sep 2014

Texas Democrats Search for Silver Lining as Davis Campaign Sputters On

AUSTIN, Texas -- Wendy Davis, the Democrat nominee for Texas Governor, is running a race that no one thinks she can win. Correction: no one thinks she can win except Joe Biden, but the Vice President's peppy declaration that "She's gonna win that race!" was an instant national punchline, and not so much a rallying cry for supporters. With polling showing a growing gap between her and her Republican opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott, the attempt to rebrand the multimillion dollar experimental folly known as the Wendy Davis Campaign has already begun, more than a month before election day. 29 Sep 2014

EXCLUSIVE: James O'Keefe Releases Second Video Exposé on Battleground Texas

HOUSTON, Texas -- Battleground Texas (BGTX) may have failed to take any action regarding the “admission” of an undercover volunteer with BGTX that she had broken multiple election laws, according to a new video investigation by journalist James O'Keefe's organization Project Veritas. The allegations come on the heels of sting earlier this year that busted BGTX, a group attempting to turn Texas blue, for illegally copying voters' personal data for campaign purposes. 29 Sep 2014


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