WATCH – Palestinian Preacher: Muslims Must Seize Nukes And Eliminate Israel

TEL AVIV – Muslims should seize Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and “eliminate the state of the Jews in one or two strikes,” a Palestinian cleric declared in a recent sermon delivered at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Sheikh Abd Al-Salam Abu Al-Izz called on Muslims two weeks ago to “rise up” and “take command and control” to “bring Islam everywhere in the world,” according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Salam countered prevailing notions in the Arab world that Donald Trump’s election victory would somehow lead America to self-destruct.

“The Muslims’ reaction to Trump’s victory was hopefully he’ll destroy (the U.S.) and sit on its ruins,” the imam said. “May he engage in nuclear wars, from which (the Muslims) will emerge intact. This is not how things go.”

Instead, he said, the “nation of Islam” should “take matters into its own hands” and “get rid of the governments, kings, sultans, sheikhs and emirs [and] toss them into the garbage bin of history.”

“It does not matter whether we hang them on the gallows or not,” he continued. “What matters is that we should kick them out and move forward. We should take the armies and the weapons from them. We should take the Pakistani nuclear weapons from those criminals and use them in the service of Islam. We should take these armies and eliminate the state of the Jews in one or two strikes and then bring Islam everywhere in the world.”

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