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Autoridades Mexicanas Se Preparan Para Narco-Violencia en Frontera

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas — En respuesta a posibles ataques como los que se han estado viendo en ciudades fronterizas, autoridades estatales realizaron una serie de simulacros y entrenamientos para prepararse ante una posible eventualidad. Los simulacros se llevaron acabo luego que recientes bloqueos y balaceras que dejaran copadas sus oficinas.

Mexican Authorities Train for Spiking Cartel Violence near Texas

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas — In preparation for future cartel attacks like those seen in various border cities, state authorities carried out a series of training scenarios to prepare for continuing violence. The drills come after a spate of shootouts and cartel blockades overwhelmed Mexican authorities at their headquarters.

Se Confirma La Muerte de Española en Estado Fronterizo

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas — Autoridades Tamaulipecas han confirmado la muerte una ciudadana española quien fue secuestrada mientras visitaba con su familia una playa de este estado fronterizo. La zona del secuestro y donde se encontraron los restos llevan meses con una gran actividad por parte de los carteles de la droga los cuales se disputan la región.

Mexican Cops Capture Cancun Cartel Boss

Mexican authorities arrested a woman who controlled most of the organized crime activity in the tourist beach resort area of Cancun, Quintana Roo. The cartel-controlled region is one of the top destinations for American tourists, where more than a dozen of beach goers were shot at a dance festival.

Mexican Cops Capture Armed Cartel Operator near Texas

PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Coahuila — State authorities cracking down on escalating violence in the region arrested a heavily armed cartel operator in this Mexican border city. The collar comes after one of Mexico’s most dangerous organizations announced their intention to take over the state.

AP: Journalist’s Murder Underscores Growing Threat in Mexico

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The staff of the weekly newspaper Riodoce normally meets on Wednesdays to review its plans for coverage of the most recent mayhem wrought in Sinaloa state by organized crime, corrupt officials and ceaseless drug wars. But on this day, in the shadow of their own tragedy, they’ve come together to talk about security.

Pistoleros Ejecutan Director de Penales en Estado Fronterizo

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas — Un grupo de pistoleros relacionados al crimen organizado ejecutó a el encargado de limpiar las prisiones estatales al mismo tiempo que hirieron a varias personas que lo acompañaban. La victima habia estado recibiendo amenazas de parte de los carteles que operan en este estado.

Cartel Executes Mexican Border State Prisons Chief

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas — A team of cartel gunmen executed the man responsible for trying to clean up the prisons in this border state and injured several others. The victim received prior threats from the drug cartels that operate near Texas.


Police Vets Worry Phoenix PD’s Immigration Policies Could Spike Cartel Crime

PHOENIX, Arizona — As this city’s police department prepares to implement a soft approach to dealing with illegal immigrants during traffic stops and investigations, veteran law enforcement officials worry that the measure could provide a safe haven for Mexican drug cartels and lead to yet another explosion in gory crime scenes.



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