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CNN’s King: America Is ‘a Lot More Conservative’ Than Dems Think

Friday on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” while discussing President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, host John King said the results are a “tough” lesson that “America is a center-right country. It is a lot more conservative, especially the heartland, than Democrats think.” King

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CNN Slams Trump’s ‘Political Rick Roll’

CNN’s most senior political journalists could barely contain their outrage on Friday morning after Republican nominee Donald Trump used an event that they expected to be about Birtherism to showcase his support from veterans, Medal of Honor winners, retired flag officers, and Medal of Honor winners.

Obama: Arne Duncan Has ‘Delivered Some Incredible Results’

Obama’s comments appear to be a reference to the Common Core standards – though he does not call the reform by name, likely because the unpopular initiative is now often described as “toxic” and “poisonous.” The president nevertheless adopts the usual pro-Common Core position that the nationalized standards are higher or more rigorous than other standards – although there is no independent research that validates that claim.

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Education Secretary Arne Duncan Stepping Down

Arne Duncan, who has served as Education Secretary throughout Barack Obama’s tenure as president, will be replaced through the end of the president’s term by former New York State education commissioner and Common Core champion John King, Jr.

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Jeb Bush’s Education Foundation Offering Online Courses Promoting Common Core

Potential 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush has made it clear that he will continue his support for the controversial Common Core standards initiative, despite the fact that the conservative base of the GOP is overwhelmingly opposed to it. His education foundation, in fact, is offering online courses for policy-makers focusing on how to promote the idea that the standards are necessary for national security, why data collection is essential, and how to win over parents, teachers, and citizens in the education reform conversation.


CNN: Obama’s Proposals Are ‘Go Away Republicans’

CNN Chief National Correspondent John King said that President Obama’s recent policy proposals were essentially “go away Republicans” on Thursday’s “New Day” on CNN. After playing a clip of the president urging bipartisanship, King stated “that’s sort of the kinder,