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Rep. Amash Blames Gen. Mattis For Pro-Transgender Military Vote

White House and Pentagon officials are reviewing the military’s pro-transgender policies set in place by deputies working for former President Barack Obama, according to a Facebook post by Rep. Justin Amash, who voted July 13 against changing the Obama transgender policies.

The official Congressional portraits of Reps. Carlos Curbelo )R-FL) and Justin Amash (R-MI).

Republican Lawmaker Claims He Was First to Mention Impeachment

As Washington D.C. was gripped once more by anti-Trump hysteria Wednesday, some Republican lawmakers scrambled to be the loudest in their condemnation of the President — with one lawmaker going so far as to contact a left-wing publication to let them know that he was the first Republican to mention a possible impeachment.

Republicans Attack Trump over Comey Firing

Following Donald Trump’s decision to sack FBI director James Comey, a number of NeverTrump Republicans have joined Democrats in criticizing the decision, suggesting it could be part of a wider conspiracy of collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russian agents.


Rep. Justin Amash Seeks to Stop Intrusive Cybersecurity Legislation Slipped into Omnibus Bill

There are many problems with funding our gigantic, intrusive federal government by passing gigantic omnibus bills in a blind year-end panic, as has become customary in decadent Washington, D.C. One problem is that voters don’t know what their “representatives” have slipped into those gruesome trillion-dollar pork sausages. Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) is trying to repeal a controversial cybersecurity law that slipped under America’s nose in the omnibus package, despite public unease about similar measures in the past.

Rebel Leader Justin Amash Wins Big In Michigan

Rebel Leader Justin Amash Wins Big In Michigan

Rebellious Republican Rep. Justin Amash has won his primary re-election battle in Michigan’s 3rd district against his challenger Brian Ellis, a blow to the GOP Establishment which had put significant resources into the race. Ellis conceded the race as Amash

Justin Amash Loved New Captain America Movie

Justin Amash Loved New Captain America Movie

Congressman Justin Amash, (R-MI) is a big fan of the new Captain America movie, pointing out that the message of the movie aligned very well with his own views on politics. Amash said that the movie directed a strong warning

McCain attacks Cruz

John McCain tried to grab a few minutes at the end of the Ted Cruz filibuster, leading magnificently sarcastic Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan to Tweet that McCain wanted to give the Democratic response to Cruz’ speech.   Eventually McCain

Amash: Obama Admin Embellishing Syria Claims

Amash: Obama Admin Embellishing Syria Claims

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) has accused President Barack Obama and his administration of embellishment in making the case for military action against Syria. Appearing on CBS’s Face The Nation Sunday, Amash said the intelligence briefings have not given him comfort and, “there

Rep. Amash Slams McCain for 'Allahu Akbar' Comments

Rep. Amash Slams McCain for 'Allahu Akbar' Comments

On Friday, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) ripped Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for his argument that when jihadists scream “Allahu Akbar” it is no different than Christians saying “Thank God.” “Senator McCain’s response was completely ignorant and offensive. Good people, whether

Amash vs. Hayden on Snowden, National Security

Amash vs. Hayden on Snowden, National Security

Former National Security Agency and CIA Director Michael Hayden said on Fox News Sunday today that had Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI)’s provision that would have prevented the NSA from collecting metadata from Americans not suspected of terrorism passed, it would have turned the



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