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Report: Fox News Considering ‘Pro-Trump Conservative’ Woman to Fill Megyn Kelly’s Time-slot

Gabriel Sherman reports in New York Magazine on Megyn Kelly’s departure from Fox News for NBC. Sherman’s sources claim that the cable network hopes to replace Kelly with a “pro-Trump conservative” female host in order “to align itself with the new administration.” Another Fox insider tells Sherman that Rupert Murdoch “balked when Kelly asked for $25 million late in the talks,” a claim which a source close to Kelly disputes.

Thomas Sowell: Distrust of President Goes Back to LBJ, Nixon

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s broadcast of “Hannity,” retiring columnist Thomas Sowell was interviewed by fill-in host Kimberly Guilfoyle and was asked what has changed in terms of American politics today. Sowell said it was the deterioration of the trust

Watch: FNC’s ‘The Five’ 2015’s Turkeys of the Year

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” co-hosts Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, Eric Bolling, Juan Williams and Kimberly Guilfoyle revealed their picks for turkey of the year with the losers list including Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and filmmaker

CA Lt. Gov. Gets Hired By Gore's Current TV

CA Lt. Gov. Gets Hired By Gore's Current TV

Al Gore’s Current TV has hired Gavin Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco who defied the law by authorizing same-sex marriages in his city. Never mind the fact that Newsom is now the lieutenant governor of California, and that

Daily Gut: Gun Sights, Bible Quotes, and CAIR…

So apparently a Michigan defense contractor has pissed off Muslim groups, by inscribing coded Biblical references on rifles it sells to the American military. The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations claims these religious references send a “negative message” to the

Daily Gut: The Dots Connect Upward to Obama

So as the underpants bomber is about to get arraigned, a new Rasmussen Poll reveals that nearly 60 percent favor ethnic profiling for airline security. This, on the heels of President Obama finally accepting responsibility for the major F-up on

Daily Gut: It's All About Him, Not Us

So President Barack Obama said he was surprised that he won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize – making him the only person on earth who was surprised that he won the 2009 Nobel Peace prize. I’d like to say that

Daily Gut: The Man Who Cried

Now, you know a word has lost all meaning when Jimmy Carter finally gets around to saying it. America’s angriest has-been JUST HAD to weigh in on the Joe Wilson affair, linking it to inherent racism – following in the

Daily Gut: Barney Frank's Heroic Stand Against Tyranny

So Barney Frank finally found someone he could beat in a debate. The Congressman was speaking at a town committee meeting at Dartmouth, Massachusetts, when a crazy lady approached the microphone with a quivering rant – linking Obama’s health care

Daily Gut: Bush Speaks

So in a talk before a local business group, former President George W. Bush finally responded to all the mud thrown at him the previous five months. In the speech, Bush defended his policies regarding enhanced interrogation and rejected the

Daily Gut: Angry Chicks Against Ladies

In the past year we`ve learned some amazing things from our liberal friends. From Janeane Garofalo, we learned that if you`re a female member of the Republican Party, you`re mentally ill. We`ve learned from Sandra Bernhard that if you`re Sarah