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‘Trans-Racial’ Rachel Dolezal Disinvited from MLK Event After Backlash

Rachel Dolezal, a former NAACP leader and professor who received national media attention after it was revealed that she was a white woman posing as African-American, has been disinvited from a speaking event at a Martin Luther King Jr. festival in North Carolina after a community backlash about her scheduled appearance.

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Shaun King Confession: I Have No Idea Who My Father Is

In an emotional blog post on the Daily Kos website today, embattled Black Lives Matter organizer Shaun King finally revealed his secret: he had no idea who his real father is. King’s account confirmed all the key details of Breitbart’s reporting. “Until this past week,”

Why White People Seek Black Privilege

Dolezal and King make it clear that America’s attempts to repair the effects of that horrific history have now made black skin advantageous for a certain subset of activists, which is why people like Dolezal and now allegedly King have masqueraded as black for personal advantage.

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Why White People Seek Black Privilege

With Milo Yiannopoulos’ shocking report that Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King is in fact white – according to Yiannopoulos, quoting blogger Vicki Page, “King is white and has been lying about his ethnicity for years” – taboo questions now arise about the nature of race in America.


McWhorter: Dolezal Became Black ‘For the Victimhood’

Columbia University linguistics Professor John McWhorter declared that Rachel Dolezal “converted to blackness for the victimhood” on Wednesday’s “NOW with Alex Wagner” on MSNBC. McWhorter denied that there is a similarity between Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner because “We’re not talking


Dolezal: My Critics Don’t Know Me and ‘How Hard It Is’

Former Spokane NAACP Head Rachel Dolezal said her critics “don’t know what I’ve actually walked through, and how hard it is” in an interview with Melissa Harris-Perry broadcast on Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes.” Dolezal said

Passing for Black: Top Tips from Transracial Icon Rachel Dolezal

This week, a courageous civil rights champion by the name of Rachel Dolezal bravely revealed her true identity to the world: she is a black woman trapped in the body of a honky and has been tanning and getting weaves for the last ten years whilst president of her local NAACP chapter in order to live life as her authentic self and shake off her “crackersona.”

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Everything You Need to Know About Transracial Hero Rachel Dolezal

Just last week the President of the United States congratulated Bruce Jenner on his courageous decision to pretend to be a woman, and the entire left bursting into spasms of ecstasy over a collectively insane decision to ratify the notion that men can magically become women. Today, the entire left is struggling to explain how a white woman who identifies herself as black is not, in fact, black.