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Sonnie Johnson: Say Its Name — Progressivism

If you’re yelling “they must be stopped,” who is your “they”? BLM must be stopped? How are you any different then President Obama? President Obama doesn’t mind saying ISIS must be stopped. He refuses to call ISIS a form of Radical Islam. Under the same principle, conservatives don’t mind saying BLM must be stopped. Yet, they refuse to call out the Progressive ideology that creates groups like Black Lives Matter.


Sonnie Johnson: Black Twitter vs Hotep Twitter

When speaking on the subject of abortion, I’ve often stated, “You say we come from the bloodlines of Kings and Queens. Kings and Queens don’t kill their unborn children. They fight for a legacy to leave to their unborn children.” I made the reference due to some of the chatter I’d seen on social media. I didn’t know I had pulled from the #blacktwitter and #hoteptwitter feud.

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The Stacey Dash Republican

Yesterday morning actress and Republican Stacey Dash made an appearance on Fox and Friends to talk about the #OscarsSoWhite social outrage and the calls from Jada Pinkett Smith to boycott the event in protest. In the appearance, Dash called for an end to Black History and the BET cable network for true equality.

Is Hillary Clinton Starting to #FeeltheBern With Black Voters?

With Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, Clinton has set her firewall in the South, counting on minority voters to stop Bernie Sanders momentum. What Clinton was not expecting is the new black outreach organization Bernie Sanders is building within her safe space.

Donald Trump’s Black Outreach

They are not looking at Donald Trump’s political platform; they are looking at what life could be when we all live like Donald Trump. He has already sold hip hop access to the Dream.

Breitbart's Sonnie Johnson 'Changes the Game'

Breitbart's Sonnie Johnson 'Changes the Game'

Over the last four years, I’ve traveled all over the country and spoken with thousands of patriots. I’ve met newfriends and built partnerships that will last a lifetime. I’ve learned policy, procedure, and principles. It’s been a greatride. What I


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sent out this tweet: Obamacare is the law of the land and it will remain so as long as Barack Obama is President and as long as I am the Senate Majority Leader. Reminds me of a

#NeverForget for Those Too Young To Remember

My daughter wasn’t born on Sept. 11, 2001.  She can’t say she remembers where she was and what she felt when planes flew into the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania.  We didn’t lose any family

Redefining Race in America

Redefining Race in America

What if I told you I could solve the issue of racism in America? Bigotry, blind hate, and ignorance constitute part of the human condition. I cannot fight human nature. But what if the cure for real racism in America

What Is Independence Day to the Slave?

What Is Independence Day to the Slave?

“What is the 4th of July to the Negro?” Frederick Douglass asked this very important question in 1854. What is Independence Day to the slave? A fitting question to the black conservatives today that call other black Americans “slaves on

Cast Down Your Bucket to Rachel Jeantel

Cast Down Your Bucket to Rachel Jeantel

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial has sparked massive outrage on both sides of the political field. While I refuse to insert myself into the repetitive racial competition between the right and the left, I would like to take a moment

Illegal Immigration and Identity Politics

Illegal Immigration and Identity Politics

Identity politics are once again ruling the day as Congress hands out goodies and comprises the little integrity they have left on the immigration debate. With 1,200-page amendments and pork galore, it seems Congress will force immigration down the throats

How to Build an Acting Resume: Rihanna's 'Stay"

In response to How to Make a Music Video: Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ : Every time this song comes on the radio, I turn the station.  And I’m a sad song loving girl.  I don’t know why but Rihanna’s singing irrates me.

Why I Won't Defend Condoleezza Rice at Augusta

Why I Won't Defend Condoleezza Rice at Augusta

BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE TO!  Condoleezza Rice is dawning her green jacket with a huge smile on her face.  To even acknowledge Marc Lamont Hill or any other hypocritical lefty is to do a great disservice to the celebration that

Jay-Z Breaks Law Delivering Water For Life

Rapper, entreprenuer, and political outcast Jay-Z is again on trial for breaking the law by visiting an impoverished nation.  In the above clip, you can obviously see the corruption and evil behind the eyes of this former drug dealer.  In a

Jay-Z Admits Confusion on Travel to Cuba

In response to Jay-Z Admits to Committing a Crime by Traveling to Cuba : “I’m in Cuba, I love Cubans/ This Communist talk is so confusing/ When it’s from China, the very mic that I’m using” Like I said, love

Jay-Z Getting Ready to Meet the Real Obama

Jay-Z released a new song “Open Letter.” I must I admit I’ve heard better but it’s hard to write good lyrics when you’re constantly contradicting yourself.  Talking about how your money gets you access to the White House and Cuba,

The Exodus of Planned Parenthood

The story of Exodus in The Bible starts with Pharoah killing all the baby sons of the Jewish people. Pharoah justified the slaughter because the Jews were growing to quickly in numbers.  Moses was the one exception and his life led to the

Who Owns the Ghetto? Hint: NOT YOU!

Who Owns the Ghetto? Hint: NOT YOU!

Spending time with my family this weekend I learned a very important lesson; Black people own the ghetto.  It’s ours; handed down by government and we are given dominion over it. I only had two questions: What is your worth if

KIRP Radio: Jay Z and MORE Hip Hop Hypocrisy

Last Sunday I made an appearance on my favorite talk radio show KIRP Radio. I was looking for a small section to share with you but the whole episode has more black outreach than the Republican Party can buy. SHOUT

Beyonce and the Rise of TRUE Feminism

Beyonce and the Rise of TRUE Feminism

While Conservatives are fighting over whether or not social issues should be included in our platform, Hip Hop is having a social battle in front of our eyes.  The war; Beyonce as the “Independent Woman” and Beyonce as “Mrs. Carter”.

Beyonce Monday: Bow Down 99%

Beyonce is out with new music, Bow Down.   WOW! Get ’em B! Let me explain. A conservative message is always about the language. Beyonce took some time off to start a family with her husband, Jay-Z.  How beautiful!  In her

Illegal Gun Carriers in Chicago

In response to While Karl Marx is UNKNOWN in Chicago…the Violence Will Continue: Dr. Peter St. Jean posted an article on entitled: [ENOUGH] Guns and Murders in Chicago. It’s an interesting look into why there are so many illegal