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Rep. Ed Royce Seeks to Block Cash Ransoms to Iran

On Tuesday, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) introduced legislation to prevent and ensure that the United States will never again makes ransom payments, or other cash payouts, to the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Islamic State Jihadis Kidnap 10 Indonesian Sailors in Philippines

On Tuesday, Indonesia announced that ten of its citizens, sailors working aboard a coal barge, had been kidnapped, with a ransom demand made by the Islamist militant group Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines. Wednesday brought reports that elite Indonesian counter-terrorist units are standing by to assist in a possible rescue operation.

Iran Claims US Paid $1.7 Billion Ransom For American Hostages

The United States’ sent Iran $400 million in debt plus $1.3 billion in interest, and the money was disbursed as a ransom payment for four American hostages of the Islamic regime, a top Iranian commander said Wednesday afternoon. Therefore, the U.S. paid the Iranian regime $425 million dollars per American hostage, according to the commander.

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ISIS Executes Christian Hostages During Muslim Holiday

The Islamic State has released a videotaped execution of three Assyrian Christian hostages, captured during a February offensive in Syria. The lives of hundreds more Christian captives remain in the balance, a point the savages emphasized by making three of them beg for ransom payments on camera.

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‘Hoax’ Kidnapping Not a Hoax After All

A woman and her boyfriend, previously accused by police of concocting a kidnapping hoax, have been vindicated as the FBI has determined the kidnapping to be very much real, with a suspect apprehended.

Evil Is the Islamic State’s Business, and Business Is Good

The New York Times offers a dismaying look at the Islamic State’s financial situation by Sarah Almukhtar: She looks at data from the RAND Corporation and judges that the modern-day Mordor “has revenue and assets that are more than enough to cover its current expenses despite expectations that airstrikes and falling oil prices would hurt the group’s finances.”

Huskins kidnapping (Associated Press)

Massive California Kidnapping Story Reportedly a Hoax

Vallejo Police may seek state or federal charges against Denise Huskins and boyfriend Aaron Quinn after multiple government agencies, over 100 search and rescue personnel and significant resources were utilized in the search for Huskins before it was discovered that the whole affair may have been a hoax.

ISIS Demands $200 Million Ransom for The Lives of Japanese Hostages

ISIS has released another of its notorious hostage videos, with the masked English-speaking terrorist known as “Jihad John” brandishing a knife and issuing death threats against hostages clad in orange jumpsuits. In this case, the two hostages are Japanese, identified by their captors as Kenji Goto Jogo and Haruna Yukawa. It is said that they will be killed unless the Japanese government pays $200 million in ransom within 72 hours.