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It’s a Long Way to the Bottom When You Wanna Ronda Rousey

We watched Peter Brady knock Buddy Hinton’s tooth loose Saturday night. Linderman and Clifford just bloodied up Matt Dillon and his bald accomplice. Biff got a truckload of cow mess dumped on his head, this time in Melbourne, Australia, rather than Hill Valley, California.

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Ronda Rousey, the Woman Who Wasn’t There

A reporter asked Rousey about her relationship with heavyweight fighter Travis Browne in the first the question posed to the 12-0 mixed-martial artist on the UFC 193 conference call. Rousey’s answer, such as it was, spoke loudly in its silence. Listen to the crickets.

Ronda Rousey Accepts Marine Corps Birthday Ball Invite

Ronda Rousey faces a date with Holly Holm in the octagon just days after the Marine Corps birthday. But her date for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball appears a go due to the fortuitous delayed December 11 timing of a Camp Lejeune celebration and the accelerated scheduling of her fight with Holm.