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Delingpole: UK Home Office Is as Useful as a Chocolate Teapot, Freedom of Info Request Confirms

Some of the thousands of Afghan refugees who have been resettled in the UK since the Allied withdrawal pose a security risk. It could be a few of them or it could be a lot of them but we don’t know how many because, we learn from a Freedom of Information request made by Breitbart’s Jack Montgomery, the Home Office is apparently too embarrassed to tell us, claiming it would not be in “the public interest”.

Home Office

Delingpole: Rishi’s Phoney War Budget Is a Cruel Joke

The big mistake with Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s budget is to take it seriously. But all British mainstream media commentators have, even the economically astute Allister Heath in the Telegraph, who has described it as “a historic, epoch-defining rise in public spending financed by ruinous tax increases.”


Delingpole: COP26 – A Perfect Storm of Stupid

COP26 has begun in Glasgow, Scotland, as it will surely go on for the next fortnight: in chaos and disaster. Just like the infamous COP15 in 2009 in Copenhagen, which preached ‘global warming’ but was blanketed in snow, COP26 is a perfect storm of stupid.

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 30: Pilgrimage groups who have walked to Glasgow are joined by

Delingpole: Speaking Up for Leftists Who Hate Us Is Why We Lose

A hard-left “news” site called Novara Media was briefly cancelled by YouTube. Among those calling most loudly for its reinstatement were the people it most hates: “right-wing” and “libertarian” media commentators. Why?


Delingpole: Prince Charles Is a Blithering Green Idiot

Obviously this is a headline that could have been written any time in at least the last 30 years. But someone needs to remind the toxic, airheaded nincompoop that he doesn’t speak for all of us. And since no one is going to say this anywhere in the fawning, worthless and obsolete legacy media, I guess the job will have to fall to me…