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Behind the Scenes With 'The Arroyo'

On July 4th, Declaration Entertainment, our grassroots film-financing company dedicated to making movies that champion traditional American values, celebrated our one year anniversary by beginning pre-production on our first feature-film, “The Arroyo”. —– Readers of Big Hollywood have been a

Why The Left's Global Warming Agenda Is Flat Out Wrong

For too long, the left has had sole domain of the entertainment/political sphere. They’ve used creative methodologies to teach, to indoctrinate. Now, the right is fighting back. With the help of Declaration Entertainment, Encounter Books has begun a new series

'Battle: Los Angeles': Go. See. This. Movie.

The entire leftist, elitist entertainment media agrees: “Battle: Los Angeles,” the new alien invasion flick from director Jonathan Liebesman, is not worth your time. So clearly, you have got to go see this movie! On the most recent addition of

'The Eagle': Good, Old-Fashioned Storytelling and Values

The anti-everything, post modern worldview that dominates so much of the west long-ago won the battle for Hollywood. For many of us, it gets harder and harder to drop our hard-earned money on movie tickets when we know, nine times

How Government Ruined the Movies

They call the early half of the twentieth century the Golden Age of Hollywood, but it might more aptly be called the American Age. In those days, the American people had a great love for Hollywood. On an average week,