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Weigel Not Alone: For Rank Partisanship, Consider NYT's Gail Collins

This week, we saw partisan Washington Post blogger David Weigel resign for getting caught showing his private but unabashed disdain for conservatives. Weigel, who was hired by Post editors for his perceived thoughtful analysis of the issues, was actually a

When Religion Meets Free Expression, What Gives?

Having made a handsome living offending Scientologists, Catholics, Evangelicals and just about every ethnic group in the human family, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are writers who make people squirm, laugh and think. Now they’ve gone and outraged yet another

A Tale of Two Donors, Media Bias Division

Let’s summarize: A donor to the Democratic National Committee threatens to kill Republican Whip Eric Cantor in the same newscycle that a donor to the Republican National Committee gets financially reimbursed for going to a racy club in Los Angeles,

Middle America Cheers For Sandra Bullock

Listening to National Public Radio handicap the Academy Award Best Actress Nominees, it’s clear that media and Hollywood elites think the movie The Blind Side has too much mass appeal and not enough edginess to win any serious awards. Within

Where Has Susan Rice, our UN Ambassador, Been This Past Year?

This week marks the one year anniversary of Susan Rice’s confirmation by the United States Senate to represent the American people at the United Nations. Over the past 12 months, the U.S. has faced some serious foreign policy challenges such

More Christmas Bombing Fallout: Hillary's Visa Problem

President Obama came back to work this week after leaving the Presidency for his Hawaiian holiday vacation. Hawaii proved to be a restful retreat for the President, his team and the White House press corps who all took time off