Tom Ciccotta

Tom Ciccotta

The Associated Press

Listen: West Virginia Teacher Threatens to ‘Backhand’ 7-Year-Old Student

A teacher in West Virginia was recorded in October threatening to attack a 7-year-old special education student. A mother sent a recording device to school after she became suspicious of her child’s reaction to going to school, catching on tape a teacher’s threat to “backhand” a student.

Covington Catholic High School students

Arizona State U Faculty, Students Afraid of Nick Sandmann Poster

Students and faculty at Arizona State University are afraid of a poster that has been plastered around campus featuring Covington High School student and hate hoax target Nick Sandmann. A spokesman for the school claims the poster is “hateful rhetoric.”

#NeversocialistUSA Shirt

NewsGuard Labels Breitbart *Merchandise* as Fake News

NewsGuard, the browser plugin that recently partnered with Microsoft and purports to indicate if news sources are trustworthy or not, is telling Internet users today that the new #NeverSocialist USA shirt on the Breitbart News shop is “fake news.”