Exclusive — Donald Trump Hammers Rubio, Jeb, Hillary: ‘The Country Is Going To Hell’

Donald Trump
The Associated Press
New York

NEW YORK — In an exclusive interview inside his office on the 26th floor of Trump Tower right after he announced he’s running for president, Donald Trump told Breitbart News that he’s in this to win it.

“I love my company, I love but what I’m doing, but the country is going to hell and we have people that are grossly incompetent—they’re just incompetent—and it’s time that we get a businessman,” Trump said when asked why he’s running for president.

I released my financial interests today—they’re phenomenal as the country is now seeing. They used to say he’ll never want to release his financials and now they’ve turned out that they’re three or four times bigger than anybody even thought. I built a great company and that’s the kind of thinking that we need Matt, you just need that kind of thinking if you’re going to turn this country around because China and Mexico and Japan—every single country, they’re taking advantage of our very stupid leadership.

Trump added that if these “incompetent” leaders stay in control of the United States, “we’re not going to have a country pretty soon.”

“We ow $18 trillion—China, we owe $1.3 trillion to,” Trump said.

They let the dollar get stronger, we do, and that means we owe them much more. In other words that means it’s even harder to pay them back and meanwhile they’re killing their currency and making it impossible for our businesses to compete. We don’t even have politicians that understand that. They’re taking our jobs, they’re taking our manufacturing—and not only China, by the way, everybody. Every country that we deal with, we lose with everybody.

On Obamatrade, Trump noted that he’s been “against it from the beginning.”

“Number one, Obama is a lousy negotiator,” Trump said.

He makes the Bergdahl deal—we get Bergdahl, they get five killers that we’ve held for years and they’re out there trying to kill everybody now. This is the kind of a deal that’s emblematic of the way they negotiate. He’s not the right guy, he shouldn’t be in the position and he should never have been in the position and you look at what’s happened where GDP is actually below zero. Who’s got GDP below zero? That means we’re going in the wrong direction. That means we’re going backwards, not forward. You look at China, you look at India, you look at these countries, they’re going through the roof. So, we need somebody like me. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t work.

Trump noted that in his announcement speech—which went for more than 45 minutes—he spoke “without notes” and with no teleprompter, speaking to the American people straight from the gut.

Trump also hit—as he did in his announcement speech—Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as incompetent politicians who won’t be able to win in 2016.

“I would say that Marco Rubio is just not the guy,” Trump said.

Jeb Bush is not my kind of person. He talks about how he cries, well that’s fine. Maybe he shouldn’t talk about crying. But he’s—I watched his performance, and the fact he didn’t wear a jacket and a tie when he’s announcing he’s running for president doesn’t bother me too much but perhaps you could put on a tie if you’re running for president. But most importantly he’s totally in favor of Common Core. He doesn’t want education to be local which is ridiculous and he’s weak on immigration. How could he win? So I would say I’m not a fan of either of those two guys.

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