An Armed Cop Disarmed School Shooter in Atlanta

Immediately after the NRA recommended putting cops in schools the left flooded the zone with pieces claiming this was daft idea. Case in point “NRA Calls for More Guns Everywhere” by Adam Serwer:

LaPierre’s “solution” is for Americans to arm themselves, and for the
government to place armed guards at every public school in the country…LaPierre did not note that Columbine High School had an armed guard when two students went on a murderous shooting rampage there in 1999

You get the picture. So yesterday a kid in Atlanta brought a gun to his middle school, somehow got it past the metal detectors and started shooting in the school’s courtyard. Here’s how the incident ended:

During a news conference that was held early Thursday evening, Davis
said that a school resource officer, who Atlanta police Chief George
Turner confirmed to be an off-duty armed Atlanta police officer, was
able to get the gun away from the suspect shortly after they fired
multiple shots.

There’s no detailed report of how the shooter was disarmed yet, but whether or not this cop stopped a massacre is beside the point. The point is it ended when an armed cop intervened, as every one of these shootings does. For those like Serwer who have implied an armed cop on campus wouldn’t make a difference, what happened in Atlanta yesterday is evidence you are wrong.


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