Sen Kirk to AG Holder: Don't Let Evidence of Wrongdoing Be Destroyed

In response to So Totally Unlike Watergate You Guys: Senator Kirk Asks Holder if the Executive Spied on the Coequal Branch of Congress:

One of the most interesting moments of the hearing came a few minutes later when Sen. Kirk pleaded with Holder to make sure whoever was responsible for the Verizon situation did not get a chance to destroy the evidence.

Sen. Kirk: I would just…because I raise this issue someone, whoever was running this program, knows they’ve really screwed up. I would just ask that you [Holder] kind of seize the records and not allow the destruction of evidence that they have accidentally monitored other branches of the government.

Holder: As I said, I’d be more than happy to discuss this in an appropriate setting.

I’d say Senator Kirk’s faith in the Obama administration’s treatment of embarrassing documents is pretty low.