Video: Iran's Revolutionary Guard Fighting for the Assad Regime in Syria

The BBC has helped to disseminate a dramatic video captured from Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces in Syria. The video was captured after the Iranian forces were killed in battle with a larger more heavily armed rebel force. It shows a Quds force commander training his forces and leading them into battle on behalf of the Assad regime. The footage ends with the sound of gunfire.

The BBC interviewed the reporters who were the first English language media to learn of the videos existence. In this clip they discuss how they verified the content. Apparently this was intended to be an internal Iranian document for the Revolutionary Guard in Iran.

As described in the clip, the Iranian Quds force has a long history of quiet intervention in foreign wars including Iraq. Iran shipped kits for building deadly EFP roadside bombs which, according to the Pentagon in February 2007, killed more than 170 Americans and wounded an additional 600.


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