Quinnipiac: Obama Sinks to Lowest Approval, Majority Do Not Believe He is Honest

A Quinnipiac poll published Tuesday finds President Obama at 39 percent approval, his lowest score in any Quinnipiac poll since he became President. Also for the first time a majority of Americans do not believe the President is honest.

The President’s disapproval is also up to 54 percent, meaning he is 15 points underwater at 54-39. Quinnipiac had Obama at 49-45 on October first, the day the centerpiece of his signature health care reforms launched.

The health exchanges have been plagued with problems and are not expected to be working prior to the end of November. Quinnipiac asked how many respondents believed the site would be fixed on time and just 29 percent said it would.

One element which may be driving down the President’s popularity is American’s assessment of his honesty. By 52-44 a majority of Americans now believe the President is not honest and trustworthy. This is the first time the President has been underwater on this metric. His previous low was 49 percent honest and 47 percent not honest back in May.

Asked specifically about the President’s promised “if you like your plan you can keep it” 46 percent believe the President intentionally lied. Meanwhile 47 percent believe he did not “knowingly” deceive them.

Further evidence that the Affordable Care Act is the source of his problems can be found in the Quinnipiac poll. Voters now oppose the law 55-39. By 73-20, voters approve of extending the enrollment deadline beyond March 31st.