Venezuelan President Launches New Radio Show 'In Touch with Maduro'

Venezuelan President Launches New Radio Show 'In Touch with Maduro'

President Maduro of Venezuela has decided that cutting off access to news sources critical of his government isn’t enough. This week he launched a new radio show called “En Contacto Con Maduro” which translates In Touch with Maduro. The show will air on Tuesday nights at 7pm.

Maduro’s first show featured more condemnation of his critics. “We will give a moral historic lesson to the whole media bourgeoisie in
America and they will regret for what they are doing to me” Maduro said, according to a report by AVN. The show also included Maduro playing music by “The People’s Singer” Ali Primera.

Below is the entire first show (it’s apparently broadcast on TV as well) from Tuesday night. Note that about an hour in the station cuts away to an unrelated show called “Falling and Running.” Breitbart’s Frances Martel listened to this section and says host Miguel Pérez Pirela is criticizing the protesters and opposition leader Enrique Capriles. “This has been catastrophic for the opposition and has reinforced the leadership of Nicolas Maduro” Pirela says. A few minutes later the station transitions back to In Touch with Maduro in the midst of an unrelated discussion.

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