Wendy Davis Campaign Raising Millions from Outside Texas

Wendy Davis became a political star after her much-hyped filibuster of an abortion bill while wearing pink sneakers. The bill in question was eventually passed, but Davis is still reaping the benefits of her media generated national fame.

An analysis of donations to the Davis campaign carried out by two Texas newspapers found that 25 percent of her money comes from outside the state. In total, Davis has raised around $15 million, $3.8 million of which came from supporters outside Texas. In contrast, Davis’ Republican opponent, Greg Abbott, has raised $22 million overall but only $1.2 million, about five percent, came from outside the state.

Davis received almost a million dollars from individuals and groups in Washington D.C. In addition to trips to D.C., Davis has also made fundraising stops in New York and San Francisco.

Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri is looking on the bright side. The more money Democrats direct to Davis’ doomed campaign, the less they have to spend elsewhere. He tells the San Antonio Express “great, put in your newspaper, ‘Please send Wendy Davis as much as you
can’ … That will help ensure we pick up six seats in the U.S. Senate.” Munisteri is also running a campaign, “Don’t California Our Texas” specifically to raise funds off the challenge from Davis.

No one on the Democratic side is claiming Davis can win. In addition to his fundraising advantage, polling shows Greg Abbott with a 12-point lead. Democrats seem to be angling for a moral victory of sorts, a chance to shows their party can still compete in Texas, even if much of their support comes from outside the state.


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